Smith & Harris: Death Becomes Them

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Smith & Harris: Death Becomes Them

Eric Harris Cornoner's Report

Today, TSG looks at a pair of deranged killers:

1) Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, the white supremacist who went on a two-state shooting spree before committing suicide July 4, had recently testified that "peaceful legal resolution"--and not violence--was the only way to "accomplish the goal of saving the white race." In April, Smith, a member of the racist World Church of the Creator, appeared as a character witness for WCOC leader Matt Hale, whose application for a law license was then being reviewed by an Illinois judicial panel. Hale claims Smith's rampage (he killed two, wounded nine) may have been triggered by the panel's denial of Hale's license bid. Here are excerpts from Smith's testimony in support of Hale. (7 pages)

2) Here's the report prepared by Colorado coroners who examined the body of 18-year-old Eric Harris, one of the two Columbine High School gunmen. (9 pages)