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Giuliani: Man Of Two Faces?

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Giuliani: Man Of Two Faces?

Chappaquiddick FBI Memo

Now that he expects to face off against Hillary Clinton for a U.S.Senate seat, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is determined to brand the First Lady a carpetbagging outsider.

But the clammy Republican was once rather forgiving on the residency question.

In this October 1964 college newspaper column penned by Giuliani--then a hirsute columnist for the Manhattan College Quadrangle--the Rude Boy rides to the defense of Robert F. Kennedy, who was challenging incumbent Senator Kenneth Keating. The GOP branded RFK, who was new to New York, an unwanted interloper. Rudy thought this tactic was "truly ridiculous." (2 pages)

July 19 marks the 30th anniversary of Chappaquiddick. Here's the initial FBI memo on the accident. (1 page)