Taken To The Cleaners?

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Thornton-Jolie Marriage License

Taken To The Cleaners

Here's another daily double:

1) It's killing us that the Billy Bob Thornton/Angelina Jolie marriage might be shaky. Because TSG not only plunked down money for a copy of the marriage abstract, but we sprung for this marriage license too. Here's hoping that Jolie, who turned 25 on June 4, and 44-year-old BBT salvage a union forged in Las Vegas's romantic Little Church of the West. (1page)

2) Poor Joseph Valdez failed to follow Rule One for dry cleaning customers: Remove stash before dropping clothes off for Martinizing. According to this criminal complaint, the absent-minded Albuquerque man is now facing drug trafficking charges because the good folks at Eldorado Cleaners root through pockets before dousing your threads in that toxic Perc crap. (3 pages)