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Winona, Courtney Shared Defrocked Doctor

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Winona, Courtney Shared Defrocked Doctor

Courtney Love doesn't want you to read these documents.

Lawyers for the rock star yesterday (12/10) sent TSG a four-page letter threatening legal action if the site did not immediately remove excerpts from an explosive investigative report by the California Medical Board. "My client, who is not shy about asserting her legal rights, has authorized the commencement of all necessary litigation if the Story is not immediately removed from your website," wrote attorney Paul Karl Lukacs. "You have been warned. This is a matter of the utmost seriousness. Govern yourself accordingly."

After consulting with TSG's legal counsel, the documents will stay in place.

In stripping a Los Angeles doctor of his medical license for gross incompetence and repeated negligent acts, California state regulators concluded that the physician improperly provided drugs to Courtney Love and Winona Ryder, The Smoking Gun has learned.

In a blistering October 28 revocation order (which took effect December 6), the Medical Board of California cited Dr. Jules Lusman, 49, for numerous acts of unprofessional conduct, including the excessive prescription of narcotics. The medical board's 41-page decision notes that Lusman's behavior "might have been the subplot of a Raymond Chandler novel," one that focused on a doctor "catering to the demands of wealthy and/or famous drug seekers...the doctor in question working on a cash-and-carry basis."

The state report focuses on Lusman's care of eight patients, who are identified by their initials and some biographical information. In the following excerpts from the medical board report, Love is ID'd as "Patient C.L.," a "fairly well-know" female musician. A footnote indicates that the patient is alternately known as "Ms. C.L-C, as she had at one point been married to Mr. C, who had passed away."

Ryder, who used the alias Emily Thompson when being treated by Lusman, is identified as "Patient E.T.," a 29-year-old "well-known entertainer."

According to the report, Lusman last year provided painkillers and other drugs to Love and Ryder without examining them, a practice the board termed an "extreme departure from the standard of care." In Love's case, Lusman prescribed injectable Demerol, syringes, and narcotics like Vicodin. The doctor provided Ryder with Percocet, Xanax, and other drugs. (10 pages)

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Wow. He sure needed to lose his license. Someone couldve easily OD'd.