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Woman Posted Explicit Material Inside Walmart

Suspect targeted worker over affair with husband


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Walmart Affair Posters

MARCH 7--An Ohio woman was charged yesterday with disorderly conduct for going into a Walmart and distributing sexually explicit material accusing a store exployee of having an affair with her husband.

Beverly Rolston, 45, arrived at the Walmart in late-November and headed to the electronics department, where a former friend, 45-year-old Amy Kreiner, worked, police reported.

A store surveillance camera recorded Rolston “posting and distributing pictures of Ms. Kreiner with the words ‘Number One Dick Sucker’ and ‘Hide Your Husbands’ written on the pictures,” according to a Middletown Division of Police report. Investigators added that, “Also posted with the pictures is a photo of a female with exposed breasts performing oral sex on a man.”

Rolston’s pictures, cops noted, “were posted in plain view of all the public, including children to see.” Rolston entered the Walmart around midnight, so it is unclear how many minors would have been in the electronics department at that hour.

When police later confronted Rolston at her home, she confessed to distributing the images. “She advised she was upset with Ms. Kreiner for having a year long affair with her husband,” a cop noted. Rolston’s spouse Robert, 37, confirmed the affair during a conversation with the officer.

Rolston was originally charged with pandering obscenities, a felony. However, after her case was bound over to a higher court, a grand jury recently declined to pursue charges. In response, prosecutors yesterday filed a reduced disorderly conduct charge against Rolston.

Seen in the above mug shot, Rolston is scheduled for a March 21 arraignment in Middletown Municipal Court on the misdemeanor charge. (1 page)