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Mugs: March 7, 2014

MARCH 9--No, that is not an Afghan tribal elder leading off this week’s mug shot roundup. It’s actually a 56-year-old California man who was busted Wednesday for manufacture of a controlled substance. A few notes about his fellow arrestees:

1) The 34-year-old Iowan on page #2--arrested Monday for drug possession--has the words “Fuck You” inked over his eyebrows; 2) The 35-year-old Arkansan on page #3--arrested Thursday for aggravated robbery--has the words “Lets Fuck” inked above his top lip; 3) No, the 42-year-old guy on page #6 is not wearing Google Glass. The Iowan was collared Monday for drunk driving; 4) The 74-year-old woman on page #8 is a Navy veteran who was arrested for disturbing the peace. She was part of a group protesting in support of an Idaho bill that would add the words “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to a state anti-discrimination law; 5) The 36-year-old Florida Man™ on page #11 was nabbed Tuesday for battery. Perhaps he smacked around the tattoo artist responsible for misspelling “millionaire”; 6) The seemingly topless Floridian, 24, on page #14 was jailed Wednesday on a prostitution count; and 7) The 66-year-old Arizona man on page #15 was nabbed Thursday for making threats, fighting, and trespassing. When he gets out of jail, he may want to review this. (15 pages)