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Suspect Denies Owning Socks On His Feet

Police found bag of cocaine inside sock

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MARCH 27--An Ohio man denied ownership of the socks on his feet after cops discovered they contained a small bag of cocaine, according to a police report.

Damien Clark, 20, was driving early Saturday in Austintown, a Youngstown suburb, when he was pulled over for failing to use a turn signal. 

During the 3 AM traffic stop, a cop detected the smell of raw marijuana inside the 2003 Mercedes sedan and spotted loose marijuana on the car’s floor board.

When an officer then searched Clark, seen above, a bag of cocaine was found inside the suspect’s left sock. Upon the discovery, Clark declared, “These aren’t my socks,” according to an Austintown Police Department report.

Officers subsequently recovered other narcotics from Clark, including 59 Xanax bars and more cocaine. Clark, a cop noted, “continued to ask this officer to throw away the evidence and stated that, ‘Someone gave me the pills to hold, we were at a party.’” Investigators also seized $761 and an iPhone from Clark.

While en route to police headquarters for processing, Clark vomited in the back of a patrol car. Denying that he had swallowed any drugs, Clark said, “I’m just really nervous officer. I don’t want to be locked up for 20 years.”

Clark was charged with three felony narcotics counts and booked into the Mahoning County jail. Released from custody yesterday after posting $15,000 bond, Clark is scheduled for an April 3 preliminary hearing in County Court. (2 pages)