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Conspiracy Kook Decapitated His Father, Cops Say

Man displayed kin's severed head on YouTube

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Man Decapitated

JANUARY 31--The Pennsylvania lunatic charged with decapitating his father with a machete and then displaying the severed head during a YouTube video declared that such violence was “the only solution to the federal government’s treason.”

Justin Mohn, 32, was named today in a criminal complaint charging him with murdering his father Michael, 68, in the Bucks County home they shared.

A bloody and gruesome probable cause affidavit describes the crime scene and the placement of the victim’s head “inside a cooking pot.” Mohn’s mother called 911 yesterday to report finding her husband’s headless corpse.

In a video uploaded after the killing, Mohn described his father as a veteran federal employee who was a “traitor” deserving of death. Mohn also ranted about “woke mobs,” migrants, the "Biden regime," and globalists.

The 14:35 video was titled “Mohn’s Militia--Call to Arms for American Patriots.” At one point in the clip, Mohn picks up his father’s head and declares, “He is now in hell for eternity.”

The complaint charges Mohn with homicide, weapons possession, and desecrating a corpse.

In an unsuccessful lawsuit he filed in 2022 against the federal Department of Education, Mohn claimed that he was fraudulently induced to borrow money to pay for his Pennsylvania State University education. Mohn contended that he was unable to secure a job because he was viewed as “an overeducated white male,” adding that he was victimized by affirmative action policies.

Mohn is pictured in the above Facebook photo, which has since been deleted. He is holding a CD carrying his name and the title “The Story of Humanity.” (2 pages)