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7-Eleven Clerk Busted For Big Gulp Battery

Patron struck in head by drink thrown by worker

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Big Gulp Battery

JULY 5--The Big Gulp was on the other foot Sunday night in Florida, where a 7-Eleven worker was arrested for striking a female customer in the head with a large cup of lemonade.

Cops allege that clerk Miles Taz Jenkins, 35, “got frustrated with a customer over payment” and “threw a Big Gulp filled with lemonade” at the woman.

The incident was witnessed by three other customers, according to a criminal complaint, and Jenkins reportedly “made spontaneous statements admitting to striking” victim Tina Warren with the drink.

Pictured at right, Jenkins was charged with felony battery and booked into the county jail. Jenkins, who was released from custody yesterday afternoon, gave his address as a Clearwater motel.

The alleged battery is being charge as a felony due to Jenkins having a prior conviction for sexually battering a young girl (a crime for which he served several years in custody). (1 page)