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Minnesota Man Jailed Following Skittles Assault

Cops: Defendant, 19, pelted restaurant patrons

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Skittles Assault

JUNE 27--A Minnesota man is behind bars following an unprovoked Skittles attack on restaurant patrons and employees, police report.

Investigators say that Tristan Stetina, 19, walked into a Mankato eatery Friday afternoon and “began throwing Skittles at employees and customers.”

A woman identified as “Victim 1” in a court filing told police that she was “hit in the back with a Skittle which caused a stinging pain.”

Upon arriving at the restaurant, a cop “noticed Skittles all over the gound and a bag of Skittles near the garbage.” The suspect, “Victim 1” told police, had a “heart shaped tattoo under his eye and another tattoo on the side of his face.”

Based on the description provided by the woman, police “knew the male to be Tristan Stetina.” Seen above, Stetina has twice been arrested by Mankato police in recent months.

After locating Stetina at a nearby business, the teen allegedly “pulled away and attempted to break free from officers” as they were trying to place him in handcuffs. Stetina, who tried to trip one cop, was eventually subdued by three officers, according to a probable cause statement.

Stetina was charged with misdemeanor assault for the alleged Skittles fusillade. He is also facing misdemeanor disorderly conduct and resisting police counts. Stetina was arrested in May for possession of LSD and 27.92 grams of marijuana wax.

While the probable cause document lists “no permanent address” for Stetina in Mankato, a previous court filing indicated that he resided in an apartment in Albert Lea, a city about 10 miles north of the Iowa border. (2 pages)