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Racist Whopper Rager Sentenced To Probation

Floridian hurled burger, slurs over tomato thickness

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Whopper Rage Plea

JULY 22--The Florida retiree who hurled a Whopper and racial slurs at a Burger King employee in a rage over the thickness of a tomato on her sandwich has been sentenced to probation following a plea to battery, court records show.

Judith Black, 78, entered a no contest plea to the misdemeanor charge during an appearance Tuesday in a county courthouse near her home in The Villages, the vast Florida retirement community.

Black, seen at right, was sentenced to 12 months probation, fined $785, and ordered to attend anger management classes.

Judge Paul Militello also barred Black from returning to the Burger King where the battery occurred, and ordered her to have no contact with the worker she attacked.

The septuagenarian was initially charged with an enhanced felony battery count due to her use of racist language during the April 30 Burger King incident. Prosecutors subsequently moved to remand the case to a lower court for disposition as a misdemeanor.

As recounted in an arrest affidavit, Black’s 6 PM outburst stemmed from her dismay “about the thickness of the tomato on her sandwich.” Black, investigators reported, brought her complaint to the restaurant’s front counter, where she began yelling at Tapraisha Brown, a 23-year-old Burger King employee.

Brown told cops that she advised Black that unless she calmed down her tomato issue would not be addressed. When Brown turned her back, Black threw her Whopper, striking the worker below the neck. Black, who was with her husband, then told the worker, “Shut up you black bitch” and spewed a series of racial slurs.

When police later questioned Black at her residence, she reportedly confessed to the ballistic behavior, saying that she was “angry that the victim was not fixing the issue,” according to the affidavit. Cops reported that Black also admitted to calling the worker a “stupid black bitch” and a "black nigger," and declaring, "fuck you black niggers."

Black’s tomato tantrum was recorded by restaurant surveillance cameras.

Black, who lives about eight miles from the Burger King, is a Texas transplant who resides with her spouse in a home they purchased in November 2015 for $272,800. (2 pages)