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"Trump Man" Guilty In Serial Pooping Spree

Ohioan, 70, targeted Democratic neighbors

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"Trump Man" Guilty

JULY 20--The self-described “Trump man” who repeatedly defecated and urinated in front of a neighbor’s home because the residents are Joe Biden-supporting Democrats has been found guilty and sentenced for his nasty antics, Ohio court records show.

Jerry Detrick, 70, was cited for littering in late-May after being caught in the act of relieving himself at 3:15 AM in front of the residence Matthew Guyette, 59, shares with his husband. Detrick and Guyette live near each other in Greenville, a western Ohio city.

Guyette called 911 after spotting a man squatting down near a privet hedge. Cops subsequently identified Detrick, a retired high school teacher, as a suspect in the May 30 incident. During police questioning, Detrick confessed and admitted to defecating on Guyette’s property "multiple times."

Pictured above, Detrick said he targeted his neighbor’s home because Guyette and his spouse "are Democrats and support Joe Biden.” Detrick described himself as a “Trump man,” leading cops to conclude that “this incident is politically motivated," according to a police report.

During a recent court appearance, Detrick entered a no contest plea to a misdemeanor littering charge. A Municipal Court judge found Detrick guilty and sentenced him to 20 days in jail to be served at the court’s discretion. He was also placed on probation for a year, ordered to perform 30 hours of community service, and directed to pay fines and court costs totaling $232.

Judge Julie Monnin also ordered Detrick to write a letter of apology and barred him from contacting Guyette or going near Guyette’s home.

In his handwritten letter to Guyette, Detrick wrote that he was “extremely sorry for my actions. I realize what I did is inexcusable.” He added, “Let me say that I didn’t know you were gay, I did know you were a democrat. I am a Republican. Doesn’t make any difference, my actions were disgusting and cruel.”

Detrick’s letter--which was forwarded to Guyette by a probation officer--concludes with the defendant’s hope that Guyette “will find it in your heart to forgive me. I was raised in a Christian family and should have known better.”

In a Facebook post following Detrick’s collar, Guyette noted the apprehension of “the man who’s been shitting in our front yard for the past ten years.” (2 pages)