Fun City: Crazed Naked Guy Terrorizes New York City Subway Passengers

A crazed naked man seen menacing New York City subway passengers on a scary new viral video was handcuffed and transported to a Bronx hospital last week, but not charged in connection with the bizarre incident, according to police.

Warning: The above video contains profanity and nudity and is NSFW.

The man’s May 2 outburst occurred on a northbound 6 train in the Hunts Point Avenue station in the south Bronx. As seen in the video, which was originally uploaded to YouTube by a straphanger, the man yelled racial and ethnic slurs as he finished removing his pants.

After hurling himself into a set of doors, the man took off his boxer shorts, which elicited squeals from shocked observers. As a police officer was talking on his radio, the man bolted from the subway car and accosted a woman walking up a stairway. After slamming a package of hers to the ground, he lunged at a man walking perilously close to a platform edge.

With the help of some male onlookers, the cop succeeded in wrestling the man to the ground, where he was subdued. A police spokesman told TSG that the man, 41, was treated as an emotionally disturbed person and transported in custody to Lincoln Hospital for psychological evaluation.

The Transit District 12 officer with whom he grappled suffered a minor injury for which he was treated and released at Jacobi Hospital, the spokesman added.

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took way too long for this guy to be taken down....
What's so unusual about this? This is just an average day in San Fransisco.
Except no one was blowing him.
Wow! I kinda wanna run around naked in NYC, I hear that is completely acceptable as long as you are in the subway.
Why somebody didn't just kick this guy in the balls is beyond me.
Crazy people hate people... Mentally healthy people love people. Now you know da truth! Peace.
ALERT! White dope crazed moron goes on rampage in subway station. Is the white moron related to the black girls who beat up the white woman at McDonalds? Is he related to the black morons who went crazy in the Florida Burger King throwing things at the employees? Is he related to the crazy black and hispanic attackers at Denny's from a month back? Is this naked white person some how related to the black and hispanics who have terrorized fast food establishments over the past few weeks? My guess is he is they are all relatives.
Your racist, we got it.
Listen, officer. You may have caught me with my pants down but you can't pin a thing on me!
Didn't anybody notice why he was mad?? He was obviously mad cause of no bathrooms on the subway. He had crapped his pants, that's probably why he pulled 'em off!!!!