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Clay Aiken Backstage Rider

As any Claymate could tell you, Clay Aiken has no nuts. And this "truly is very, very serious." The 2003 "American Idol" runner-up also outlaws mushrooms, coffee, mint, chocolate, and shellfish in anything he eats.

Aiken's food issues are detailed in the catering requirements from his tour this year with Kelly Clarkson, the 2002 "Idol" champeen. But when Clay busts it solo, he keeps his food danger-free by bringing along his own caterer and limiting the local hires to simple tasks like making sure drinks are served to his fans and their parents in "thin plastic cups," and ensuring that his dressing room sofa is "clean and 'fresh.'"

And that's not a bad idea since nobody wants to be the guy who mistakenly drops a "tree nut" in the grub, thus sending Clay into anaphylactic shock. (10 pages)

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recently worked his concert, whats up with the no tree nuts? No tree nuts, but he requested almond milk. that doesn'y make sense.
Condoms, and water bottle for this gay?
Please update your material. Your giving us old news about Clay. He's just completed his Tried & True tour with Ruben Studdard, and it was "YAY" all the way. I hate when you dig into archives to create an article.

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