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Alan Jackson

There's something about this punk Alan Jackson's rider that rubs us the wrong way. From his platinum fan club ticket policy to no autographs for the local working crew, we find the whole tone to be condescending, as in "(kan-di-sen-ding), adj: showing or characterized by condescension: PATRONIZING." (5 pages)

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I seriously want to punch him and people like him in the face after reading this rider. I never liked him anyway, but now I really hate him.
I was on the union crew when he played my city. During load-out, those of us in the vicinity were told to turn our backs to him when he walked to his limo. His road management people were some of the most obnoxious and unreasonably demanding of ANY entertainer whose shows I've worked in the last 30 years. I was an Alan Jackson fan until then. The following morning, I threw my 3 Jackson CD's out and deleted all his music from my iPod. I wish the average fan could see this clown for what he is. What a loser.
He played a county fair in nebraska, where a friend of mine's dad was the concert manager, and he said Alan Jackson was the most difficult person he's ever had to work with.

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