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Shakira Rider

As pop stars go, Shakira may have the simplest dressing room demands for a promoter to fill: two trash cans, a box of Kleenex, and a plastic ice bucket.

And the catering in her VIP/Family Room is also far from fancy, especially when it comes to the requirement for one jar of "Colombian Nescafe" coffee. Really, who needs fresh when freeze-dried is available? (3 pages)

Comments (5)

Room temperature is ultra important to the singing voice. By the way this young lady is one of the most intelligent and well spoken entertainers around. She is extremely focused and mature. After listening to an extensive interview with her... nothing but respect for her!
a desired room temperature on 72*f and walls draped to hide lockers and bricks? Why?
well its nice that she cares bout here family or who ever she brings to the family room they sure have it good
oh wow it's ridiculous, but I'm pretty sure she's worth it
"Colombian Nescafe" is not freeze-dried, it's just regular instant coffee. (I suggest you do your homework *before* making snarky comments.) You see it all over Latin America in shops and homes. (It's too bad that an indication of a singer being just a regular person has to evoke sarcasm among stuck-up yuppie writers.)

Random Demands

One (1) Snooker Table

For The Rolling Stones, nothing screams backstage debauchery more than snooker.

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