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The band TLC--well, 2/3 of the band TLC--are at the outset of a reunion tour marking the group’s 20th anniversary, so promoters everywhere will have to figure out how fulfill Chilli’s nightly demand for sushi from Nobu, the high-end Japanese restaurant.

According to the group’s 2014 tour rider, Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas’s food requirements include yellowtail sashimi and shrimp tempura with avocado from Nobu, which has restaurants in New York, Las Vegas, London, Beijing, Monte Carlo Dubai, Milan, and other fashionable outposts.

It is unclear how concert promoters in less glamorous locales like Tulsa, Buffalo, or Akron will source “Chilli”’s sushi. They will, presumably, have less trouble securing the 43-year-old singer’s “sugarfree raisins” and smoked almonds.

Like Thomas, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins bans pork from her dressing room, but appears to enjoy turkey sandwiches on wheat bread with Miracle Whip in her dressing room. Watkins, 44, also needs two “Ace bandages for knee wraps” and “(1) Oxygen tank.”

As for lodging, the duo requires suites in a “5 Star Hotel.” But a “4 Star Hotel” will have to suffice “if a 5 Star Hotel is not available in the applicable location.” The rider also notes that the performers would not accept “motels, inns or Courtyard Marriot’s.” (2 pages)

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