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Ja Rule

It's not the two bottles of Moet, the tray of hors d'oeuvres, or even the mouthwash that's "(Important!)" to Ja Rule. That distinction goes to the box of Phillies Blunt cigars in Ja's dressing room. But who can blame a hard-working rapper for wanting to kick back and relax with a fine $1 smoke?

And since he "is not accustomed to wearing his laminate once he has arrived backstage," Mr. Rule might want to have his people at Murder, Inc. work on raising his profile. That will reduce the chance that security will mistakenly eject the pint-sized guy wandering around sipping from a bottle of Cristal.

And, Ja, what do you have against bus drivers? It's cool that everyone gets to stay in a four-star hotel, but what's the deal with needing the driver's room to be "located on a different floor from artist and staff?" (8 pages)

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