What a relief to see chicken and beer coming Ludacris's way. Based on some of the other items in the rapper's dressing room, it would be hard to come up with a tour name with as much street cred ("Whole Beets-N-Sweet Juicing Carrots 2004" just doesn't cut it).

As for his drink demands, Ludacris wants Coke, Hawaiian Punch, and Red Bull. But there will, of course, be "NO PEPSI," since the soft drink giant dropped the performer as a spokesman following a 2002 campaign spearheaded by Bill O'Reilly. The Fox News star's jihad was triggered, he said, by Ludacris's violent and profane lyrics. (11 pages)

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Wow the man asks for a lot! Well he is a great artists and if he's getting what he wants well thats great.

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