Al Gore

Al Gore

If you're looking to book Al Gore for a 75-minute "Environmental Multimedia Lecture," the former vice president will cost you $100,000, plus travel, hotel, security, and per diem expenses.

Gore's standard speaker's contract, a copy of which you'll find here, also stipulates that the Democrat's ground transportation be "a sedan, NOT an SUV." Additionally, Gore requests that speech sponsors make every effort to use a hybrid vehicle for his transport.

The Gore contract stipulates that no press be permitted at the event and that the Democrat receive approval over the distribution of photographs from the appearance.

Gore's contract for a May 21 appearance at the University of California, San Diego was released by the school. Though the contract seeks "absolute confidentiality" when it comes to the deal's terms, since UCSD is a public university, the California Public Records Act requires that the document be released upon request. (5 pages)

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How much do you want to bet that the "expenses" include a happy ending?
Gore is not Clinton. I imagine to Gore a happy ending is an Andy Griffith rerun, Oreos and milk. He's really a boring guy.
He was just busted doing that last year. Yes, Al Gore.
you are correct. i forgot. however, rereading into it now, it seems the story was made up: she sold it to the national enquirer, failed a polygraph, and no charges were filed. Still, i didn't get the orginal posters joke and withdraw any snarkiness.
Except others had come out as well. He is as innocent as Weiner.

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