Here's How Floridian Crystal Metheney Ended Up Behind Bars Last Month

Now that her name alone has made her an Internet star (for a few days at least), here are the details of what landed Crystal Metheney behind bars.

The 36-year-old Floridian was arrested last month after allegedly firing a BB rifle at a vehicle carrying three minors, including her boyfriend’s young daughter. One BB struck the car, with the children reporting that they feared for their lives when Metheney shot at the auto.

According to a Polk County Sheriff’s Office report, two of the victims--a 17-year-old girl and her 15-year-old brother--drove to the Lake Wales home Metheney shares with her boyfriend, Vincent White. The teens went to the residence at 8:30 PM to pick up their 10-year-old stepsister, who had spent the weekend with White, her father, and Metheney.

After the younger child got into the car, Metheney allegedly leveled the BB rifle at the vehicle and began “shaking the gun as to load a BB into the firing mechanism.” However, “the suspect did not fire the gun” as the auto pulled away.

However, since the vehicle had to “make a u-turn to exit the area,” it again passed in front of the residence, where the teens spotted Metheney standing in the driveway pointing the BB rifle at the car (a 2009 Kia owned by their mother). The children, who reported hearing the gun fire, “fled the scene” and told their mother of the incident upon returning home.

A subsequent inspection of the Kia revealed a small dent on a rear door that was “consistent with a BB striking the vehicle,” cops noted.

When deputies responded to Metheney’s home they recovered a Daisy BB rifle that is powerful enough to kill small animals. Metheney, who claimed she had been “shooting bottles across the roadway,” was arrested on a felony count for firing at the vehicle.

The sheriff’s report does not detail why Metheney allegedly shot at the car.