Uncool: Mother Left Children In Sweltering Car Outside Walmart Store

After being arrested for leaving her two children alone yesterday in a locked, sweltering vehicle outside a Walmart store, a woman asked cops to turn up the air conditioning in the patrol car taking her to jail for child abuse, investigators report.

Police say the victims--ages three and six--were “left in the vehicle without the engine running, windows closed, and parked in the sun on black asphalt,” according to criminal complaints which note the temperature outside the St. Petersburg, Florida store was 91 degrees.

The children had been in the car for more than 20 minutes before fire and rescue personnel arrived. At that time, Nyakobo Mar, 30, returned to her auto and was subsequently arrested on a pair of felony child abuse counts. She was also charged with resisting, a misdemeanor, for allegedly struggling with cops who sought to handcuff her.

Mar, police say, “did not show concern for" either child’s health,” but “did ask for air conditioner in the cruiser to be turned up for herself.”

The children were transported to a local hospital for treatment. Child welfare officials were contacted since “there are no family or friends in the area.” Mar has recently resided in Minnesota.

Seen above, Mar “did admit post-Miranda to this offense on video,” reported Officer Derrin Knoop. Mar, who is scheduled for a court appearance today, is being held in the county jail in lieu of $20,500 bond.