Florida Menace, 21, Arrested For Smashing Lemon Cake Into Her Mother's Face

Meet Brittany Mapel.

The 21-year-old McDonald’s employee is behind bars after allegedly "smashing lemon cake" in her mother’s face during a confrontation Friday night in the family’s home outside Tampa, Florida.

A complaint affidavit does not indicate why Mapel “willingly smashed lemon cake” in her parent’s face.

After the alleged cake battery, Mapel snatched a cell phone from her brother’s hands and reportedly declared, “Nobody is calling the cops today.”

When police arrived at the family’s Holiday residence, they observed the 51-year-old victim’s “face to be covered in cake, and there to be cake all over the floor.”

Seen above, Mapel was arrested on a misdemeanor battery count. She was also charged with tampering with a witness, a felony, for allegedly taking her sibling’s phone before he could use it to dial 911. A judge has ordered Mapel to have no contact with her mother or brother.

Mapel, locked up in lieu of $15,000 bond, has been arrested multiple times over the past two years and her rap sheet includes collars for trespassing, domestic battery, marijuana possession, and providing a false name to police. Last month, Mapel was arrested for slapping and striking her mother in the head with a bottle of mouthwash.

Mapel is facing trial for animal cruelty for allegedly kicking and choking her dog after the animal urinated on her bed earlier this year. When police sought to arrest her on a related domestic battery charge, Mapel, cops say, allowed a second dog, a pit bull, to charge at officers, one of whom was bitten by the dog. Mapel then barricaded herself inside her mobile home (she was subsequently apprehended after cops made a forced entry). According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, Mapel was also arrested last month when she “chased her boyfriend with a switchblade knife and slashed the tires on his truck."