Michigan Woman Who Bit Off Part Of Boyfriend's Ear Cops Plea, Avoids Jail Time

A Michigan woman arrested last year for biting off part of her boyfriend’s ear during a fight in their home has cut a plea deal that spares her jail time but requires enrollment in anger management classes as part of a probation term.

Danielle Nebelung, 32, entered a no contest plea Friday to a single misdemeanor domestic violence charge, according to Circuit Court records. Pictured at right, Nebelung was originally charged with two other counts, including felony assault with intent to maim.

According to cops, Nebelung attacked Anthony Caruso last March in the suburban Detroit home they shared. In a court filing, Caruso charged that Nebelung, who has worked as a makeup artist, jumped on his back and began chomping on his ear “like a dog would.”

The portion of Caruso's ear that was torn off by Nebelung was later surgically reattached.

While Nebelung’s criminal case has closed out, she remains a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit filed last October by Caruso, who is also suing a Macomb Township bar where Nebelung (seen below) was allegedly overserved on the night of the bite.