Florida Boy's Vandalism Spree At Dollar General Store Is Caught On Tape, Goes Viral

On December 9, police in Tallahassee, Florida received a 911 call from a Dollar General store reporting that a “black male juvenile” was “destroying” the business.

When officers arrived at the Crawfordville Road store, the suspect was being detained outside the front entrance. Inside, evidence of the boy’s rampage was strewn across the convenience store’s aisles.

For unknown reasons, the child--who did not appear to be in the company of an adult--spent several minutes knocking over displays and pushing merchandise off store shelves. The vandalism ended when the boy was accosted by a young man who pulled him out of the store and held the child until police arrived.

A 3:29 video of the Dollar General vandalism was posted early yesterday to Facebook by a male shopper who recorded part of the boy’s outburst (and who had items thrown at him by the juvenile).

On the video, seen above, the customer provides a profane play-by-play of the destruction, and repeatedly refers to the boy as a “jit,” street slang for an out-of-control youth. “Jit is going ham in dollar store. Believe that,” the man said at one point. “He need his ass whooped,” the narrator later added.

It is unclear whether the boy was arrested by police. A Dollar General store manager who told TSG he was present during the rampage declined to discuss damages caused by the child.