Walmart Wants Worker, 21, Arrested For Eating Cheez-It Crackers He Did Not Buy

Instead of a simple firing, Walmart wants police to arrest one of its employees who was twice spotted eating Cheez-It crackers from a box he did not purchase, according to South Carolina police.

Summoned Friday to a Spartanburg store, cops met with loss prevention manager Angela Hewitt, who reported that worker Stacy Peake, 21, was recorded on surveillance cameras last month noshing on the crackers.

Hewitt told police that Peake admitted to taking the Cheez-Its, “but stated that he forgot to pay for them.” The Walmart worker claimed that Peake also copped to swiping diapers, but that alleged theft was not recorded by store cameras.

Walmart--seeking Peake’s arrest for misdemeanor breach of trust--provided investigators with a copy of their video surveillance tapes. A police officer noted that an arrest warrant would be sought for Peake (seen at left) once his exact address could be obtained.

A 13.7-ounce box of classic Cheez-It crackers costs $2.50 at Walmart.

And, yes, Walmart has done this before. Over Oreo cookies.