Motorist Busted For Plowing Truck Into Car Carrying Snow Blower Thieves

A Wisconsin man is facing a felony charge after using his truck to T-bone a vehicle carrying two people who had just stolen a snow blower from his family’s garage, police report.

According to cops, Corey Sanderson, 29, intentionally plowed into the driver’s side of the getaway car as it turned onto a street a few blocks from his Madison residence.

The vehicle’s occupants, a man and a woman, suffered “serious, but non-life threatening injuries” and were transported late Monday night to a local hospital, investigators say.

Sanderson (seen at right) told Madison Police Department officers that he “saw two people steal a snow blower from his garage and began following them in his truck.” He reportedly admitted intentionally t-boning the other vehicle, prompting cops to arrest him on a felony reckless endangerment charge.

A police spokesperson said there is probable cause to arrest the theft suspects for burglary. “A snow blower was found in the trunk of the car that was involved,” according to a police incident report.

In a police interview, Sanderson said his home “was involved in another recent burglary,” an apparent reference to an incident he detailed in a February 5 Facebook post. Sanderson told friends that “some ass clown” broke into his family’s garage and stole his father’s Briggs & Stratton snow blower. Sanderson added that he was monitoring online marketplaces and asked, “if you see anything being sold to let me know or just share with others.”