Man, 78, Arrested For Mooning Woman, 29, Who, For Some Reason, Rejected His Sexual Advances

After having his sexual advances rejected by a woman nearly 50 years his junior, a 78-year-old Texas man dropped trou and mooned the object of his desire, according to cops who arrested the septuagenarian for obscenity.

Police say that Robert Scott approached the 29-year-old woman Saturday afternoon outside a DoubleTree hotel in Kenner, Louisiana. Scott, seen at right, told the woman that she was attractive.

“You look like a model, we should go out. I can treat you real well,” Scott told the woman, according to police. "No thank you, I have a boyfriend," the woman replied.

When the woman--who, cops say, was attending "a class for aspiring models" at the hotel--did not jump at the retiree’s offer of a date, Scott instead suggested a “sugar daddy” arrangement. From there, Scott’s overtures took on a sexual tone, as first reported by The Times-Picayune.

The offended woman responded by telling the elderly pickup artist to "Please get out of my face."

Scott did not handle the rejection well. Police allege that Scott unfastened his buckle and dropped his pants and underwear to the ground, introducing the victim to his not-so-super moon. "Okay, I'll get out of your face," said Scott, who allegedly exposed "his anus, buttocks, and part of his genitals" to the victim.

Scott--who was wearing a cowboy hat and blue jeans--was subsequently arrested outside the hotel and booked into the county jail on $5000 bond. He was released from custody yesterday due to overcrowding at the lockup.

It is unclear why Scott, a Houston resident, was in Kenner or if he was staying at the hotel.