Despite Head-To-Toe Camo, Man Busted For Museum Burglary

Meet Gregory Liascos.

The 36-year-old Oregon man was arrested yesterday morning for allegedly trying to burglarize a museum devoted to rocks and minerals. Liascos did this, police allege, while dressed in head-to-toe camouflage suit.

Liascos is pictured here in evidence photos taken post-arrest by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

According to deputies, a police dog discovered Liascos hiding in a wooded area near the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals, where investigators found evidence of an attempt to cut a hole into an exterior wall of the Hillsboro institution. Liascos apparently opted for the camouflage outfit--which is usually donned by hunters--to conceal his break-in bid.

Liascos was charged with burglary and criminal mischief and booked into the county lockup.

Liascos’s threads, known in hunting circles as a ghillie suit, compare favorably to other well-known green outfits, including those worn by Lady Gaga; Wrigley Field wall guy; Marjory, the matronly compost heap from Fraggle Rock; and the extras in one of the OK Go videos for “This Too Shall Pass.”

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seanpatriot IMO is more correct. I would be surprised if your FiL uses a true ghillie suit, because they're just too bulky for turkey hunting, but I suppose it's possible. It's true turkey hunters do tend to wear significantly more camouflage than the average hunter, with all skin as well as the face covered by netting or face paint. But I've never seen one wear a true ghillie, which is indeed used by snipers. The reason is, the ghillie has a lot of fabric and is bulky. Unless it has been painstakingly handmade and then laboriously softened and silenced like military snipers do, it can be noisy due to fabric rubbing against itself or on leaves, branches, grass, etc. Turkeys' hearing is just as good as their vision; and because turkey hunters must ordinarily be well within 50 yards of the turkey to have a chance of bagging him, keeping silent is just as important as keeping concealed. I'd bet your FiL uses either a full camo coat and pants or a camo full coverall, plus gloves and also camo netting over head/face. As it is, this mope's ghillie is pretty bare bones, and looks like a cheap knockoff meant to appeal to sniper wannabees.
It's called a ghillie suit, and it's used by snipers.
It is used by hunters as well. My FIL used oned when hunting turkey. Those bastards can see you a mile away if you're not well concealed.