Singer R. Kelly Named In 10-Count Sexual Abuse Indictment

A Chicago grand jury has indicted R&B singer R. Kelly for the alleged sexual abuse of several underage girls.

The 52-year-old performer is accused of ten felonies involving four victims, three of whom, prosecutors charge, were minors at the time they engaged in sexual contact with Kelly. The fourth victim, a hairdresser, was 24 at the time she was attacked by Kelly, investigators allege.

According to the indictment, the allegations span a 12-year period beginning May 1998 and continuing until January 2010. Charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse, Kelly could face a maximum of seven years in prison on each count.

During a February 23 court appearance, a judge set Kelly’s bond at $1 million, which will require him to post $100,000 to secure his release from the Cook County lockup.

In advance of the hearing, prosecutors filed a graphic four-page bond proffer document detailing Kelly’s alleged crimes. According to the filing:

* Kelly had sex on multiple occasions with a girl whom he met when she was celebrating her 16th birthday at a restaurant. After Kelly’s manager gave the girl a business card containing the singer’s phone number, the teen’s mother told Kelly’s associate her child was only 16. During a one-year period beginning May 1998, the girl had a series of sexual encounters with Kelly, who was 32 at the time, at his Chicago recording studio.

* Investigators recently obtained a videotape showing Kelly having sex with a 14-year-old girl. The tape was provided by an unnamed witness who “identified the scenes from the video as having been from” Kelly’s residence in Olympia Fields, a Chicago suburb. In the video, “the victim repeatedly says she is 14 years old” and Kelly is seen “penetrating the victim orally and vaginally.”

* In 2003, the hairdresser arrived at Kelly’s studio expecting to braid his hair. Instead, the singer “had his pants pulled down” and sought to forcibly have the woman perform oral sex on him. When the woman resisted, Kelly “masturbated and ejaculated on the victim and spit in her face several times.” The shirt worn by the woman was tested by the Illinois State Police and was found to contain semen. “The male DNA identified in the semen sample is a match to Robert Kelly’s DNA profile,” according to the bond proffer.

* A 16-year-old girl who met Kelly while attending the singer’s 2008 criminal trial had sex with the performer “multiple times” at his Olympia Fields home. The girl, prosecutors say, told Kelly “how old she was.” During their sexual encounters, Kelly "would spit on her, slap her in the face and choke her." The victim “saved one of the shirts she was wearing when Robert Kelly ejaculated on her and gave that shirt” to police. “The shirt was submitted for DNA testing and semen was identified on the shirt,” according to the proffer, which does not indicate when the testing occurred or whether the the semen sample identified matched Kelly’s DNA profile.

Steve Greenberg, Kelly’s lawyer, contends that the four accusers are all lying. He described Kelly as “shell-shocked” and “extraordinarily disappointed and depressed” about the charges.