Colbert Report: Sandy The Police Dog Alerted To Crack In Man’s Buttocks

After a police dog named Sandy alerted to “the presence of narcotic odor coming from his rear,” a Florida man retrieved a tube containing 12 crack cocaine rocks that had been nestled in his buttocks.

As seen in the above police evidence photo (click to enlarge), Clarell Colbert’s stash was hidden inside a container of Krazy Glue, a daring choice by the alleged drug dealer. Colbert, pictured at left, was nabbed last month by St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office deputies on a felony drug possession with intent to sell charge.

A police report notes that Colbert, 19, was questioned after a deputy spotted him on a bicycle “in the roadway obstructing traffic.” After a “positive alert” from Sandy (seen at right), deputies accompanied Colbert to a “secure bathroom” at a nearby Baptist church. There, the teen “stated he would get the tube out of his but,” according to the report.

Colbert is being held in the county jail in lieu of $200,000 bond.

Comments (6)

Krazy Glue??? I guess he wanted to be bonded with his crack.
Butt crack crack??? That police dog deserves a raise and his own TV show...
All butts have a crack in them. I need a new butt because mine is cracked...LMAO
But the correct way to spell "butt" is B U T T, but maybe the guy who edited this piece doesn't know his butt from a but!
Crack in his Crack, The cops should be glad he got it out for them! Latex gloves are not thick enough for some jobs!!
Dang. What kind of church has a "secure bathroom"?