Cops: Louisiana Woman, 75, Busted For Having Drugs Smuggled Into Prison For Her Felonious Offspring

A 75-year-old Louisiana woman has been arrested for allegedly arranging for drugs to be smuggled to her son in a county jail, records show.

Cops charge that Judy Futch twice delivered Suboxone, an opioid addiction medication, to an “inmate job site” outside of the Ouachita Correctional Institute so that inmates could later deliver the narcotics to her son Derrek, 46. 

A criminal investigation was opened last week when deputies discovered Suboxone “at one of the inmate workers jobs.” When confronted by cops, Futch denied involvement in any smuggling. When shown photos of her carrying a bag at the job site, Futch claimed it contained “hamburgers for the inmates.”

Seen above, Futch subsequently confessed to “buying Suboxone and bringing it to the job site” at her son’s direction. Futch said she “has done it approximately 2 times,” according to an arrest report. Futch said that she paid a total of $300 for 15 Suboxone pills.

Futch was arrested yesterday on felony conspiracy and narcotics possession charges. She was released from custody today around 10:45 AM.

Futch’s son, already serving a two-year sentence for narcotics possession, was re-booked yesterday on the same conspiracy charge filed against his mother.