An Update On Donald Trump's Bizarre (And Very Fluid) Voter Registration History

There is a new entry in Donald Trump’s bizarre voter registration history.

Four months after he formally abandoned the Republican party to amend his registration to reflect no party affiliation, the multimillionaire developer rejoined the GOP in mid-April, according to New York City election records.

As previously detailed in these pages, the 66-year-old Trump’s political beliefs have vacillated wildly over the past 25 years (kind of like his comb-over when confronted with a summer breeze).

For example, after spending eight years an as enrolled Democrat, Trump changed his affiliation to the Republican party in September 2009. In December 2011, he ditched the GOP, updating his Board of Elections registration to indicate that he did not want to enroll in a specific party.

That Trump position lasted four months. In an April 19 filing, the country’s leading birther rejoined the Republican rolls, listing his address as the penthouse at Manhattan’s Trump Tower.

While Trump changed his registration just days before New York’s April 24 Republican presidential primary, the real estate titan would not have been eligible to vote for Mitt Romney (whom he endorsed two months earlier). “You cannot change your enrollment and vote in the new party of your choice in the same year,” according to state rules.

So, recapping, since 1987 Trump has been a Republican, Independent, Democrat, Republican, No Party Affiliation, and Republican. Check back for an update in a few months.