Athlete's Bust Tops Prolific Cop's List Of Drunk Driving Collars

Baseball All-Star Miguel Cabrera has earned the dubious distinction of topping one Florida cop’s impressive list of high-profile drunk driving busts.

After the athlete’s February 16 arrest, St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office Deputy Peter Lamborghini--who last February received a commendation for making over 100 DUI arrests in a single year--was recorded by his in-car camera reflecting about his latest collar.

“I’m the one who got the 19th Judicial public defender for DUI. I got the chief’s son for DUI. I got that guy from Molly Hatchet for DUI,” Lamborghini remarked to a colleague. “I can’t beat the KC and the Sunshine Band,” he noted, before adding enthusiastically that the Detroit Tiger’s bust “beats him now.” It is unclear who from the disco/funk outfit ended up in handcuffs.

Listen to Lamborghini purr:

Lamborghini later drove Cabrera, 27, to jail, where he was booked for DUI, resisting arrest, and having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. The arrest footage was included in evidence released yesterday by prosecutors responding to an open records request. Among the records provided was the above photo of the open bottle of James Buchanan's Scotch Whisky (from which Cabrera was allegedly swigging while in his Range Rover).

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What is a citizen of venezuela doing drinking scotch whiskey in the first place??
Yeah, I want my kids looking up to ballplayers like Cabrera.
You probably would!