Moron Gang Members Misspell Racial Slur Forcibly Tattooed On Victim's Neck

Angry that a 41-year-old associate had violated rules, members of the Crazy White Boys gang forcibly inked over the victim’s “CWB” tattoo and attempted to permanently add a racial slur on the Florida Man’s neck.

But the nitwit gang members misspelled the slur and have now been charged with multiple felonies for their moronic mission, a gambit for which they now likely have deep regerts.

After barging into victim Michael Hart’s residence in late-January, the intruders used a tattoo gun to “color over” his “gang patch.” As described in an arrest affidavit, a “box was outlined around the letters ‘CWB’ and then scribbled all in, in an attempt to color over the entire tattoo.”

The gang members--led by one Brett “Wolf” Singleton--then sought to add a racial slur to Hart’s body.

But what they ended up tattooing on the victim was the phrase "Fuck Niger."

Hart is seen above in a mug shot taken after the tattoo attack. While the “CWB” has clearly been colored over, it is hard to discern the “Fuck Niger” ink.

Hart was photographed in mid-March after beginning a four-year state prison sentence for methamphetamine possession. He previously served state time for grand theft.