Dunkin' Donuts Worker Beaten, Pistol-Whipped Over Botched Vanilla Coffee Order

A Dunkin’ Donuts worker was beaten and pistol-whipped Tuesday by a Florida couple enraged over a botched coffee order, police report.

The 1 PM melee at the Lauderhill eatery resulted in the arrest of Jeffrey Wright, 27, for aggravated battery, a felony. Alexis Longo, Wright’s 22-year-old wife, was charged with misdemeanor battery.

According to a Lauderhill Police Department report, the couple placed a drive-thru order that they later discovered contained the wrong coffee. Longo wanted her java with vanilla. Instead she got caramel.

So the pair parked their vehicle and went inside the restaurant to speak with a manager. Before that could occur, the pair got into an argument with the worker who had handled their order. Matters quickly escalated and Wright and Longo allegedly began assaulting the employee.

During the brawl, Wright, a security guard, repeatedly struck the victim in the head with a loaded Taurus Slim 9mm handgun (which he is licensed to carry). Store surveillance video shows Wright pummeling the worker while Longo gets in a few blows.

Seen in the above mug shots, Wright and Longo are both locked up at the Broward County jail. Wright is being held in lieu of $20,000 bond, while Longo’s bond has been set at $1000.