Police: Busted Florida Pensioner, 81, Was Ringleader Of Narcotics Sales Operation

An 81-year-old man was one of five “primary dealers” who headed a narcotics and prescription drug ring that was busted this week by Florida cops.

Octogenarian Arthur Cox was nabbed Tuesday as part of a six-month undercover investigation targeting illegal drug sales in Seminole County.

According to cops, Cox was a ringleader of the group, which resold pills that were provided by coconspirators who were prescribed the drugs. Pictured below, Cox is flanked by the ring’s other alleged leaders (who are between 23 and 31).

Investigators allege that Cox sold $1000 worth of Dilaudid, a transaction that was witnessed by undercover agents. Cox’s grandson, Erick Blakey, 26, was also arrested in the drug sweep.

“Listen, son, all this is a big bunch of crap,” Cox said in a TSG interview. While acknowledging that he had obtained Dilaudid for his grandson, he claimed not to recall having resold the painkiller to anyone else.

Cox, who said that he worked for decades as a lake cleaner, said, “I’m 81-years-old. I’ve never been in trouble before in my life.” His rap sheet, however, includes a 1983 felony collar for lewd and lascivious behavior.

Recalling that arrest, Cox said he was in a bathroom in Orlando when he was confronted by an undercover officer who accused him of “shaking my dick at him.” Cox was subsequently convicted of a lesser offense and sentenced to six months probation.

A widower, Cox was freed yesterday from the county lockup after his daughter posted $5000 bond. Cox, who is scheduled for a June 11 Circuit Court arraignment, said that he regretted the distress caused to friends and family by his drug arrest. “I’m very sorry for whatever I’ve done,” he said.