Feds: Second Lawyer Aided Michael Avenatti In Extortion Bid Against Nike

3/25 UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that “CC-1” is Mark Geragos, the L.A. lawyer who has represented Colin Kaepernick, Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder, and Chris Brown.

Michael Avenatti was assisted in his alleged extortion of Nike by a fellow lawyer who is licensed to practice in California and is similarly known for his “representation of celebrity and public figure clients,” according to a federal criminal complaint.

The second lawyer, branded by prosecutors as an Avenatti co-conspirator, is only identified in the U.S. District Court filing as "CC-1." He is accused of working with Avenatti to devise a scheme to extort Nike.

According to FBI Agent Christopher Harper, the unnamed attorney and Avenatti engaged in a series of phone calls and meetings with Nike lawyers during which Avenatti warned that he would go public with damaging allegations that would result in the public company’s loss of $10 billion in market capitalization.

The second lawyer is accused in the criminal complaint of threatening economic harm in order to extract multimillion dollar payments from Nike. Avenatti’s claims against the shoe and apparel firm centered on alleged under-the-table payments made by the company to top high school basketball players.

At the direction of FBI agents, Nike lawyers this month recorded phone conversations with Avenatti and the unnamed attorney. Additionally, both Nike lawyers “video- and audio-recorded” a March 21 meeting with Avenatti and the alleged co-conspirator. The meeting took place at “CC-1’s office in New York.”

During the meeting, Avenatti--after conferring privately with “CC-1”--told the Nike lawyers that, in return for a $22.5 million settlement payment, “we ride off into the sunset.” Avenatti also allegedly warned that if the deal was not finalized by today, March 25, he would air his allegations against the company at a press conference.