Simulated Reindeer Fornication Prompts Florida Pensioner To Summon Cops

A 65-year-old Florida man called Florida cops on Christmas Eve to report that an unknown perpetrator had repositioned plastic lawn reindeer so that the holiday decorations appeared in a “compromising position, because one was male and the other female.”

In addition to the simulated copulation, the man also found it necessary to report that a chair had been moved from his front porch to his front lawn. No damage was done to his property, “but the complainant wants the incident documented,” according to a police report excerpted here.

Sadly, the senior citizen was not arrested for wasting police resources in his drive to keep others off his lawn.

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Obviously he didn't shake his fist vigorously enough at the local street toughs. Damn Kids why I ought ta...
I guess if you can report Mickey D's for being out of chicken nuggets, you can report somebody for making your plastic reindeer a fornicator, or should I say for being put in a "compromising position". Hey, where do you think those little plastic reindeer come from anyway????
I actually know a guy from Illinois who was arrested as a teenager for repeatedly doing this to a neighbor. After the second or third time, the cops stayed outside and caught him doing it again.