Iowa Man Trashes Hospital While Being Treated For Consuming A Tide Pod

An Iowa man who was being treated at a hospital after consuming a Tide Pod is accused of trashing more than $7500 in medical equipment during a rampage earlier this month, police report.

As detailed in a court affidavit, Brandon McVay, 26, became “out of control” while being treated around 1 AM in the critical care unit of Mercy Hospital in Council Bluffs.

When police arrived at the facility on October 4, McVay, seen above, was pinned to the ground by security. A nurse subsequently told police that “hospital staff were treating Brandon in Critical Care 102 for eating a Tide Pod.”

At one point, McVay got out of his bed and “started throwing and breaking things in the room.” Yelling loudly, he then went into the hallway and began to “throw and break other items.”

Investigators estimated that McVay damaged or destroyed four desktop computer systems, leaving broken glass “everywhere inside the Critical Care Unit.” The hospital, cops added, faced a bill of more than $7500 to “replace the items damaged and to clean up the unit.”

McVay was charged with felony criminal mischief and booked into the local jail (from which he was later released on $5000 bail).