Pennsylvania Cops Arrest Dope, 20, Who Held Woman's Lost iPhone For Ransom

After finding a lost iPhone at a movie theater, a Pennsylvania man allegedly refused to return it unless the owner paid him a ransom, police allege.

As a result, cops arrested Erick Rosales Rojo, 20, on theft and receiving stolen property charges, according to a criminal complaint.

After learning that her daughter Kaitlyn had lost her phone, Donna Barr “called the phone number of the lost phone and a man calling himself Erick answered,” a cop reported.

Rojo allegedly refused to return the iPhone 3GS unless he was paid $40. He then offered to meet Barr and exchange the iPhone for the ransom.

The woman, however, contacted cops.

An officer posing as the woman’s father then contacted Rojo and told him “there was no reward for the phone and that he was in possession of a stolen phone.” When Rojo was asked to just mail the phone back, he replied, “No, I would like some cash for it.”

As reported by Upper Saucon Patch, when Rojo subsequently showed up to exchange the iPhone for cash, he was arrested for “his attempt to profit off of the theft of the lost or mislaid property.”

Rojo, a Chilean native, is scheduled for an October 11 District Court hearing on the two misdemeanor charges.