Alabama Defendant's Saggy Pants Get Him Jailed On Contempt Of Court Charge

Meet Lamarcus Ramsey.

The 19-year-old Alabama man was sentenced yesterday to three days in jail after he appeared in court with jeans that were hanging so low that an irate judge cited him for contempt.

Ramsey was in the Autauga County courthouse in connection with a receiving stolen property case when Judge John Bush zeroed in on the saggy state of the teenager’s pants. As reported in the Montgomery Advertiser, Bush told Ramsey he was in contempt “because you showed your butt in court.”

The jurist added, “You can spend three days in jail. When you get out you can buy pants that fit, or at least get a belt to hold up your pants so your underwear doesn’t show.”

Pictured in the above mug shot, Ramsey is currently being held in the Autauga County jail. He is scheduled for a June 11 trial in the felony stolen property case, which involves his alleged theft of an air conditioner from a church, according to a police spokesman.