Despite Financial Distress, James O’Keefe Will Still Be Enjoying A Nine-Day "Sailing Vacation"

Though James O’Keefe is so saddled with credit card debt that he just had to mail out a “brother can you spare 500,000 dimes” letter to supporters, the conservative provocateur is not letting his dire financial straits impact his leisure-time pursuits.

Since O’Keefe, pictured in the mug shot at right, is serving a three-year federal probation term for his conviction last year for playing dress up as a phone repairman at the New Orleans office of Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu, he is required to seek the government’s permission when he wants to travel outside his home state of New Jersey.

As such, O’Keefe’s lawyer this month filed a motion seeking court approval for his client to make five trips outside the Garden State. Along with media interviews, a wedding, and a pair of speaking engagements, O’Keefe, 26, got the judicial nod to travel to Lusby, Maryland from April 10-18 “for a sailing vacation.”

The Chesapeake Bay town was the background last year for O’Keefe’s failed attempt to embarrass a female CNN reporter by luring her onto a sailboat that he had transformed into a floating "palace of pleasure."

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James O'Keefe still managed to go public to expose NPR despite his conviction. No wonder the Democrats fear him.
Obviously editting can make anything say anything...he's a piece of sh*t, His "journalism" has been discreditted repeatedly. I understand why he his popular with the knee-jerk solution driven Right.
Honestly, honestly? Oh, come on! Then why was he successful in getting done what he set out to do? It's blatantly obvious that the left doesn't like it when the right betters them and uses their own words against them. It's a tactic the left has been using forever except the left twists and spins the facts using the leftist media and Hollywood to propagandize it to the public. They even accuse the right of things they do all the time, but they just don't broadcast it. The right is called the right for a reason, you know.
Slime sighted in Rehobeth Beach area. Full story at 11.
He is just taking his lessons from 60 minutes, the pioneers of ambush journalism. Way to go James!!
Sail away, James! But, be sure and come back and continue to expose those dirty Democrats deeds. I'm sure he needs the funding for attorneys fees. And anyway, what's it to you, TSG or anyone else, how he spends his time? Maybe you're afraid it will be your favorite Democrat who gets caught by O'Keefe with their hand in the cookie jar next time? The Democrats are clearly afraid of him or they wouldn't have railroaded him for something that wasn't even a real crime.
What's the matter? You gloat over him getting the goods with fake videos, but when the tables are turned and he's the one being exposed you cry like little babies. If you think so much of him, send him the $50,000. You'd have to sell your trailer and your pickup truck, which should raise about $400.00, but it's a start.
True that!
O'Keefe exposed for what? Showing the public how corrupt the Democrats are? You betch'a! You admit he 'got the goods' ('goods' as in proof). Fake videos? No Sir, those videos were real. You, Ernest Tee, are the one who is crying like a little baby, throwing a typical Democrat tantrum and having to use personal insults because it's all you've got in your failing political arsenal.
How corrupt the Democrats are? Some guy from NPR gives his personal opinion about the tea baggers and has to resign. Some idiots from ACORN gives stupid advice and the entire organization gets defunded. Where's the democratic corruption? This isn't the Drudge Report little boy. It's probably only a matter of time before we hear about Mr O'Keefe sticking his hand in another man's pants. Just wait Beckerhead.