Low-Riding Pants Led To Louisiana Woman’s Jailing For Contempt

Meet Kimberly Senette.

After being sentenced last week to spend 10 days in jail for wearing low-riding pants in court, the Louisiana woman was released early from custody.

Senette, 23, was at the courthouse in Jefferson Parish last Thursday for her 18-year-old brother’s sentencing on carjacking and battery charges. That’s when she ended up in cuffs herself after Judge Steve Windhorst found her in contempt of court for wearing shorts so low-slung that her underwear could be seen.

When Windhorst confronted her about the pants, Senette, pictured at right, explained that she had removed her belt when going through a courthouse security checkpoint. That explanation didn’t fly with Windhorst, who had Senette, who is nicknamed K Slimm, arrested for violating court decorum. Senette, whose Facebook page notes that she tried out for “American Idol” late last month, was released Saturday.

In May, an Illinois court spectator was handcuffed and jailed for contempt after she wore a t-shirt that offended a Circuit Court judge. Last week, an Indiana man’s saggy pants led to his arrest.

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