Cops Say BMW Driver, 72, Intentionally Ran Over Mother Duck And Her Ducklings As They Crossed Road

South Carolina cops allege that a 72-year-old motorist intentionally ran over a “female mallard duck and several ducklings” as the birds crossed a Myrtle Beach road Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses told police that “all vehicular traffic stopped” when the ducks began crossing the street, according to a Myrtle Beach Police Department report. But then Robert Allen Willard, driving a BMW coupe, allegedly “intentionally sped up and hit the mother duck and several ducklings.”

The impact killed the mother duck and several of her ducklings. The “remaining orphan ducklings” were collected by The Snake Chaser, an animal control firm.

Willard was cited for mistreatment of animals, a misdemeanor. Police yesterday served him with a criminal summons at his Myrtle Beach condominium.