Cops: Patron Attacked McDonald's Worker Over Unwanted Cheese On His Hamburger

Irate that his McDonald’s hamburger had a piece of unwanted cheese on it, a Pennsylvania man allegedly assaulted a female employee of the fast food restaurant, police report.

According to cops, the customer knocked over a trash can and threw a high chair after discovering that his burger order had been botched. When the man exited the eatery, a McDonald’s worker followed him to the parking lot in an effort to record his license plate number.

When the female employee sought to call 911, the patron attacked her, reported Springettsbury Township police. After taking the McDonald’s workers phone and throwing it across the parking lot, the suspect fled in his auto.

During subsequent interviews with witnesses, police were able to identify a suspect in last Friday’s incident at the Memory Lane eatery. Cops have announced that “charges will be filed” against the man, who has not yet been named.