Sending Barack Obama Death Threats Through The White House Web Site Is A Terrible Idea

An Ohio man used a contact form on the White House web site to send death threats to President Barack Obama, whom he called an “illiterate monkey” who “will be dead” for violating the Constitution.

In short order, Secret Service agents used an IP address captured by the web site to track the late-June messages to Michael Bradley, a 27-year-old Toledo man whose home was raided last month by federal agents. Bradley’s vitriolic messages are quoted verbatim in a recent affidavit sworn by Agent Louis Johns.

In an interview today, Bradley told TSG that he admitted sending the threatening messages when questioned by federal agents. While Bradley said that he barely recalled sending the messages, he noted that he opposed most Obama policies and sometimes gets extremely angry about various issues.

Asked if he considered his messages death threats against Obama, Bradley replied, “Yeah, technically.” As for whether he thought investigators might return at some point to arrest him, he said, “I suspect it might be possible.”

Investigators believe that Bradley’s all-caps messages were prompted by Obama’s visit in early-June to a Jeep manufacturing plant near the suspect’s home, where he lives with his family. Bradley said he has “been on disability for a long time,” but declined to detail afflictions from which he suffers.