Meet Mark Siebenmorgen, The Scariest Man In The Pacific Northwest

Meet Mark Siebenmorgen.

The Oregon man, 46, was arraigned this week on assault, menacing, harassment, and criminal mischief charges. According to cops, Siebenmorgen’s spree included shoving a man to the ground, kicking and shattering the windshield of an occupied car, and throwing rocks at a woman whom he confronted after jumping out from behind a bush.

Siebenmorgen is being held at the Clackamas County Jail in lieu of $75,000 bail. Thankfully.

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BTW to all those who took delight making fun of this man who yes, is a disabled Veteran, who does not do drugs, who is not known to be violent, just manic, who when he is not having an episode is a kind, generous, and giving person. Just wanted to give you an update. His trial was on Dec 17th and he was found NOT GUILTY! He was not the man that did these things! You ignorant people who like to make fun of those with mental illness and speak of things you know nothing about! This picture was posed in fun with the police who then released it for a laugh. Funny how the news media doesn't take the time to tell this side of the story or the results of the trial!
"Scariest man in the Pacific Northwest" is a pretty bold statement. No doubt this guy's photo & story is freaky, but I can't even stop to pick-up milk at a major chain grocery store here in the NW without seeing 5 guys just as weird and menacing. Meth...Mania...Whatever. I've lived a lot of places and I've never seen an epic fail like some of the people who've taken root in the far upper-left corner of the country. Good thing the natural scenery is so spectacular here...
as someone who works with severly mentally ill people, trust me this guy may be nuts, but hes also a douchebag
as someone who works with severly mentally ill people, trust me this guy may be nuts, but hes also an asshat.
Ah meth such a wonderful wonderful drug.
Sounds like Jack Nickelson(sp?) on the freeway.
Siebenmorgan... seven morning... not much to work with there.
It looks like he is constipated...
I personally know this man and he suffers from Mania. He is usually able to control it with diet and rest, etc. but when he has a Manic episode he obviously becomes a Maniac! It’s very sad because when he is “normal” he really is a nice guy. Very generous, giving, volunteers at homeless shelters, feeding the poor, etc. He is a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde kind of guy. It’s very sad. And normally, because of his missing teeth, he doesn’t smile very often. He’s a disabled Veteran and it’s terrible to see him embarrassing himself this way. But this is mental illness. When he comes off the Manic episode he will be utterly ashamed. Just wanted to give a different perspective to this man and this picture. Oh and no Meth. He is totally against drugs of any kind, which is why he doesn’t take the meds he needs to control the Mania. He crashed several years ago in a biking accident and lost his teeth. He is scared of the dental work that needs to be done.
Why don't you give him the sex he so obviously needs, L'il Debbie? Good to hear that he's a vet, lost his teeth in a biking accident, and doesn't do drugs. People with mania never lie, the scientists have established that. If this fellow says it you can take it to the bank, Babee!