Osama Bin Laden Beats Federal Criminal Rap Thanks To Intercession of CIA, U.S. Military

Thanks to the efforts of an elite team of American forces, Osama bin Laden will soon have criminal charges formally dismissed against him in federal court in New York City.

The al Qaeda leader was indicted in U.S. District Court in 1998 for his alleged role that year in a series of truck bombings at U.S. embassies in Africa (those attacks resulted in the death of more than 220 victims). An arrest warrant was first issued for bin Laden in November 1998, nearly three years before the September 11 terrorist attacks.

With bin Laden’s demise inside a walled compound outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, the Department of Justice will soon have to file a motion seeking dismissal of a mountain of felony charges against him.

There are better ways, of course, to beat a federal case.

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Thanks for the informative post! It was said that after his death the Abbottabad, Pakistan, compound of Osama bin Laden has given up another one of its secrets, states Reuters. Navy SEAL video has revealed that bin Laden's compound housed a “fairly extensive” deposit of video porn. A United States official who spoke on the condition of anonymity told Reuters that it is unclear if bin Laden himself had acquired or viewed the pornographic materials.I found this here: Extensive porn stash discovered in bin Laden compound
Looks like the author of this editorial should now petition the Federal Courts to add another alias for Bin Laden that we Americans have given him here in the USA! Even though he/she did post the top portion with the names included as the header of this article, he/she then proceeded to incorrectly type Bin Laden's first name as Osama. Take a look at his correct name spelling and at all of his known, used alias' as known to our government records. Cry not though, as many news services, websites, etc. have also made the same error. It is correctly spelled, Usama!!!! Sincerely yours, A reporter for another, smaller newspaper in North Carolina & Proud Veteran
I wouldn't worry about it. They probably think the word 'irregardless' is acceptable as well. Aren't you glad that the educational systems are performing to such high expectations.... oh wait...
No sympathy for him but his death will leave behind a lot of unanswered questions in regards to what he did or didn't do in terms of which attacks he actively facilitated and which he merely supported. I guess that's classified, eh?
Job well, done goes out to the operational field units, and support staff, strategic intell, humit, tasked for this high level tactical sanction & snatch. You are America's best!!!! Sempre Fi Simply Well Done!!! Come on home!!!
Hoo-yaa! is more like it. Got to love our S.E.A.L.s ! Nothing but the best!
This calls for one humdinger of a party!!
It's about time, I would like to see his dead body....
They should have taken it to a taxidermist and placed in the oval office.
The corpse would likely make a better prez than any of the previous few.