Every Time Chris Brown Starts Whining "Woe Is Me," Take A Look At This Photo Of Rihanna

Poor, poor Chris Brown.

After Los Angeles prosecutors yesterday raised serious questions about whether he has performed court-ordered community service, the singer whined on Instagram that, “Im wise I can handle the hate but enough is enough, yo!!”

Brown continued, “Im a human being and I honestly think I deserve respect Im sick of being accused ... Im tired yall Just don't understand Ive been going through this shit since I was 19 years old.. you cant sit here and tell me to calm down, when am I gonna get a positive outcome out of anything I do?” He added, “A day in my shoes is a day in hell, believe it or not!”

The 23-year-old performer, of course, has been under siege since he beat the crap out of Rihanna. So every time Brown goes into his “woe is me” act, it is helpful to recall the results of his February 2009 handiwork inside a rented Lamborghini.

Rihanna is seen above in a post-beating photo (click to enlarge) taken at a Los Angeles hospital.